authentic, durable & connected

Studio K proposes to create a home universe with the theme “Authentic, sustainable & connected”.

The new modernities and adaptations in our businesses (ethical, respectful, sincere and innovative). They touch our consciences, provoke emotion and work for the common good. Authentic, sustainable and connected. These are words that perfectly describe our times. We’re all looking to create authentic links with others, protect our planet and stay connected through technology.

Authentic, sustainable and connected is an emerging concept in interior design and decoration. It brings together the three essential values needed to meet the challenges facing
of today’s society.

Design and green technologies are an integral part of a sustainable development strategy. They are essential to achieving a balance between economic development, respect for nature and improved quality of life. By placing design and green technologies at the heart of our development efforts, we can steer the future towards a more sustainable and harmonious path.


After 2 years spent in the department of equipment and urban planning in the French overseas territories, Karl Petit held the positions of project manager, agency director, associate, artistic director and general manager in several space planning and interior architecture firms.

Today, as an independent architect for more than 14-15 years, he is involved in architectural rehabilitation (specializing in old stones, Parisian mansion, castle, exceptional residence…), interior architecture and decoration in the following areas Tertiary buildings (office spaces, law firms, notary offices, etc.) / Residential (mansions, apartments, villas, boats, etc.) / Hotel / restaurant / Scenography / museography (temporary exhibitions, fairs, etc.). he also develops the design of furniture, art of living and art of the table. A jack of all trades, he is passionate about global design and enjoys complex missions, most often between France and abroad, where he and his team develop the above-mentioned passionate professions. Recently member of the 1.618 community of sustainable luxury.