Workspace Expo : 16/17/18 avril 2019






10:30 am to 11:15 am - Salle Bauhaus

WORKSHOP A.R.T REALISATIONS - Employee involvement in real estate projects: sharing of experiences around User Control with project managers' testimonies (Lecture presentated in French)

How to involve employees at the heart of each development project to make it a real company project? Users must become a source of innovation and take ownership of the project as best they can. Mastery of Use is a tailor-made management method that structures their expectations in the service of well-being and performance.
Sharing of experience on recent projects.


  • Joël Marias, Facilitator, Marias Consulting 
  • Jacques de Fontgalland, Architect dplg, A.R.T. Réalisations
  • Bernadette Ayme, Purchasing and Real Estate Manager, CFPB
  • Jean-Pierre Calmels, Head of the Working Environment, Arts et Vie 



2:00 pm to 2:45 pm - Salle Bauhaus

WORKSHOP ARTS AFFAIRES - The welcome, a strategic moment! (Lecture presentated in French)

In a world that is increasingly open, with impersonal digital worlds omnipresent, so-called 'cool' working environments, what are the new challenges to achieve a good first impression, that of hospitality?
Welcoming the other in a working environment, a decisive question for the company to remain humanely credible! Testimonials, illustrations, explanations, exchanges.


  • Matthieu Jacquillat, CEO of Arts Affaires specialist in contemporary art for the company for 50 years.




4:15 pm to 5:00 pm - Salle Bauhaus

WORKSHOP AGENCE PISE - DESIGN THINKING, How to implement this method in my environment. (Lecture presentated in French). 

Design Thinking is an approach to innovation and its management based on the understanding of users by a team of multidisciplinary experts. This synthesis between analytical and intuitive thinking allows concepts to be quickly implemented through prototyping.

Beyond the process, the working environment has a real impact on the expert team's production. SYSTEM180 has developed, in collaboration with HPI (Hasso Plattner Institute), a line of furniture and accessories perfectly adapted to the implementation of this design process.

Whatever your reasons, this conference will open up new perspectives for you!


  • Annabelle Puget, Architect & Design Thinker
  • Pierre-Christophe Prot, CEO, Agence Pise





11:30 am to 12:30 am - Salle Bauhaus

Psychology and space of the knowledge worker - (Lecture presentated in French)

Work methods evolve from repetitive and administrative production to complex tasks requiring agility, flexibility and creativity. But what kind of spaces for these new knowledge workers? Anton Maes reviews the basics of strategic development in a workplace where freedom of choice is central and explains how to design a collaborative enabling environment. He also proposes a reflection on how to support employees and management in adjusting their behaviour.

Anton Maes is an organizational psychologist, expert in change management and strategic workplace design. He also has a background in communication and has developed workplace concepts for large companies and public entities. He has a scientific approach, which is reflected in contacts with universities, colleges and research centers such as CfPB in Delft. Since 2010, he has been leading Brainmove, a consulting firm that has supported many organizations in their change of fashion and work environment.

Speaker :

  • Anton Maes, Organizational psychologist, expert in change management and strategic workplace design. 




ARSEG plenary conferences


11:45 am to 12:30 am - Salle Mondrian 


A concrete CSR approach consists in reviewing its purchasing policy so that it better meets responsibility criteria (environmental, social, etc.) and measuring and reducing its carbon impact in the context of the recently adopted ELAN law and COP24, which set ambitious objectives at both international and national level. But where do you start? Feedback from experiences and expertise!



  • Lionel COTTIN-PIGNERAT, Speaker Facilitator 
  • Samuel BEGON, Adjoint Directeur d’Etablissement, SAFRAN
  • Loïs MOULAS, CEO, Observatoire de l’Immobilier d’Enterprise
  • Françoise ODOLANT, Head of the Purchasing, Charters and Labels Corporate Mediation division Ministry of the Economy and Finance




2:00 pm to 3:30 pm - Salle Mondrian 

MYTHS AND REALITIES OF THE FLEXOFFICE! (Lecture presentated in French)

The loss of the assigned individual office to free and shared workstations still affects only a few employees, but the trend is towards its deployment, particularly in large companies. Between the promise of optimising surfaces, better collaboration and extended mobility, what is the real situation? Feedback from experiences with companies that have put it into practice for several years....


Speakers :

  • Lionel COTTIN-PIGNERAT, Facilitator Speaker
  • Emmanuel DEPARIS, Director of the Working Environment, AXA France
  • Flore PRADERE, Research Manager, JLL Tétris
  • Marion TOISON, Director of Organizational Strategy – Ideation Workplace Strategy, HAWORTH



IN INTERIORS plenary conference


3:00 pm to 4:00 - Salle Bauhaus 

Inspired by nature for living buildings - Lecture presented in French 

Leaving room for the living, with all the advantages that this brings (in terms of quality of life, well-being, ecology, etc.) cannot be reduced to the installation of pretty plants in the four corners of the offices! Nature, with 4.5 billion years of experience, has much more to offer us... What if architects and space planners were to draw inspiration from it, in a so-called biomimetic approach, to design office buildings and environments that serve their users and their ecosystem? Why and how to achieve this? These are all questions that we will try to answer during this conference facilitated by in interiors.

Speakers :


  • Sophie DISTEL, Editorial Manager, Business Immo
  • Christine Hoarau-Beauval, Journalist, author and historian specialized in the problems of the city's manufacturing industry
  • Pierre Darmet, Secretary General, Conseil international biodiversité et immobilier (CIBI)
  • Clémence Béchu, Architect, Béchu et associés








10:30 am to 11:15 am - Salle Bauhaus


Coworking areas are multiplying and have seen a spectacular increase in recent years. This new real estate offer, notably embodied by the American WEWORK, created in 2010 and offering 260 centres around the world, represents a real alternative to traditional offices. These spaces make it possible to meet a demand from some users who are always looking for more flexibility, simplicity and comfort; others are even taking the initiative to create coworking spaces within their own workspaces!

So, how's the coworking market going? What exactly are coworkers looking for? How does a major player such as WeWork see the future in France and Europe? How can it ensure an effective deployment of its centres, in line with its ambitions?

Speakers :

  • Quentin Périnel, Journalist, LE FIGARO
  • Virginie Houzé, Director of Studies & Research, JLL
  • Nicolas Maciocia, Head of Real Estate, France & Southern Europe, WEWORK
  • Jaafar Zerrei, Major Projects Department, WeWork Projects Manager, TÉTRIS



2:00 pm to 02:45 - Salle Bauhaus

WORKSHOP PROJECTIVE - From the Office to the "Connector"

In a digital world where work is now "anytime, anywhere" and where the offer of places becomes overwhelming (digital house, co working, incubator, fablab, connected car, etc.), does the company headquarters still have a meaning?

Yes! More than ever, companies need a place to gather their ecosystem, develop their culture, create meaning, stimulate teams. But the office in its current form is no longer adapted to this new demand. What are the characteristics of this new place that we call "CONNECTOR" that can meet the requirements of the innovation company?

Come and discover three years of research on this vision of the future!

Speaker :

  • Jérôme GALLETTI, CEO, Projective



4:15 pm to 5:00 pm - Salle Bauhaus

WORKSHOP KATABA - How the designer questions his practice to meet the constraints of eco-design and life cycle analyses (Lecture presentated in French)

Addressing the environmental challenges of office furniture through eco-design and life cycle analyses through a global design strategy; or how, from life cycle analysis to creation, the designer uses his grey matter to save raw materials.

Speakers :

  • Anthony BOULE, Environmental Engineer, Agence d’eco-conception Coopérative MU
  • Margot PEJAUDIER, Environmental Engineer, Agence d’eco-conception Coopérative MU




OFFICE & CULTURE plenary conferences


9:15 am to 10:15 am - Salle Bauhaus

New urban mobility and tertiary projects - Lecture presentated in French

Workspaces are changing, so are modes of travel! New mobility is becoming a challenge for companies. A lever for workplace well-being and employee performance, it is also a major focus of Corporate Social Responsibility. But beyond marketing and agreed speeches, Pascale Breton will explain how to address these issues in a tertiary project. She will decode, from its insider's perspective, what can be expected from new mobility.

Pascale Breton has been working with the mobility sector for 20 years. She managed and developed the consulting divison of Keolis, France's leading mobility company, and experienced the extraordinary transformations and innovations in urban transport from the inside. She now advises the Directorates-General on mobility issues..


  • Pascale Bretonhas been working with the mobility sector for 20 years. 



11:30 am to 12:30 am Salle Bauhaus

Environnement de travail, vers la transition ! - Lecture presentated in French

After years of attempts to delay deadlines, the ELAN law reduces the uncertainty that has hitherto prevailed about the major efforts that will be required of the players in the tertiary real estate sector. Sebastien Rocq offers you an overview of the diagnoses, strategies and tactics implemented by the real estate departments to meet the challenge of the century.

Sébastien Rocq is an independent consultant. He divides his time between supporting companies and exploring new forms of doing together in the artistic, scientific and economic fields. He teaches innovation at université́ in Rouen and participates in research projects on innovation environments.


  • Sébastien Rocq, Independent consultant 



ARSEG plenary conferences

9:30 am to 11:00 am - Salle Mondrian


Endocrine disrupters, VOCs, food additives... the list of elements harmful to our health that circulate in the air of our buildings or in the plates of our company restaurants is impressive and extremely worrying about its long-term effects on our health. How can we act today by integrating this dimension into specifications and changing our habits to clean up our workplaces?


Speakers :

  • Lionel COTTIN-PIGNERAT, Facilitator Speaker
  • Isabelle FARBOS, President, Association HSEN
  • Fabienne TORRENTI, Director of the Working Environment, Carrefour France



2:45 pm to 3:45 pm - Salle Mondrian


The possibilities offered by digital technology generate a proliferation of applications, actors and technical solutions for the management of the work environment. How to sort and propose an integrated tool that will meet the current and future needs of employees? Feedback from experience.

Speakers :

  • Lionel COTTIN-PIGNERAT, Facilitator Speaker 
  • René BRICAU, Director of Operations and Occupant Services, Orange
  • Guy KLEIBER, Director of Real Estate and Services, Groupe BPCE
  • Pouya MOHTACHAM, Founding President, Happytech
  • Serge LEMEN, Vice-Chairman, Smart Building Alliance
  • Dominique DELATTRE-DEMETZ, Director of the Working Environment, Saint-Gobain Interservices


ACTINEO plenary conference

03:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Salle Bauhaus

Results of the Actineo/Sociovision 2019 Barometer What do the French think about their life in the office? (Lecture presentated in French)

In 2017, Actineo revealed that the increasing nomadism of employees meant that they worked everywhere and all the time, and that they aspired to greater freedom to organise their working time. In 2019, Actineo wanted to know if this nomadism was chosen or suffered by the French, and if they were satisfied with the places in which they work: coworking areas, at home, in hotels or restaurants. Alain d'Iribarne, researcher at the CNRS and president of the Scientific Council of Actineo, will comment on the results presented by Odile Duchenne, general manager of Actineo.

Speakers :

  • Odile DUCHENNE, General Manager, ACTINEO
  • Alain D'IRIBARNE, Researcher at the CNRS and President of the Scientific Council of ACTINEO






11:30 am to 12:30 am - Salle Bauhaus

Physical place and virtual work space - Lecture presented in French

The work has been done for a long time with computers and generally with digital tools. A duplication of space has thus occurred, real place and virtual space constitute our new work environment. But what is behind our computers and who drives our interfaces? Recent searches have shown that automatisms hide many concrete tasks, especially repetitive ones, performed by real operators in equally real spaces.

Thierry Pillon is Professor of Sociology at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. His research work is devoted to the sociology of work.



  • Thierry Pillon, Professor of Sociology at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne



ARSEG plenary conferences

11:00 am to 12H30 - Salle Mondrian 


Are we going to move into the era of mastery of use? In a context of growing war to attract and retain talent and the deployment of new, more collaborative and digital ways of working, attention is increasingly focused on the end user and their expectations and needs in terms of the working environment. From then on, the role of the DET would evolve towards the control of the use of workplaces, at the crossroads of the services offered by its service providers and the expectations of employees and its company. What consequences could this have on the contours of its function?

Speakers :

  • Lionel COTTIN-PIGNERAT, Facilitator Speaker
  • Kévin CARDONA, Director of Innovation, BNP RE
  • Emmanuel DEPARIS, Director of the Working Environment, AXA France
  • Dominique DELATTRE-DEMETZ, Director of the Working Environment, SAINT-GOBAIN INTERSERVICES
  • Ghislain GRIMM, Associate Director, WORKINPROGRESS



03/45 pm to 04:45 pm - Salle Mondrian

HOW MUCH DOES A WORKSTATION REALLY COST? (Lecture presentated in French)

Thanks to its Buzzy Ratios tool, Arseg evaluates each year the real cost of a workstation and compares its evolution over time. A look back at the results of the 2018 edition and concrete examples of the benefits of a cost-comparison approach!

Speakers :

  • Lionel COTTIN-PIGNERAT, Facilitator Speaker 
  • Olivier GICQUEL DES TOUCHES, Head of Studies & Foresight Department, ARSEG
  • Grégoire THAIS, Project Manager, Studies & Foresight Department, ARSEG
  • Samuel BEGON, Adjoint Directeur d'Etablissement, SAFRAN
  • Geneviève GRAND, Head of the Support Unit for Transversal Projects, Real Estate - Work Environment Department, Caisse des Dépôts




FCBA plenary conference

2:30 pm to 03:30 - Salle Bauhaus

Innovative materials watch on the theme of noise - Lecture presentated in French

In the world of design, when you want to improve the acoustics of an environment, there are several possibilities. The first is to use constructive elements by making them with conventional noise attenuation materials. But in the world of innovative materials, which ones could contribute to creating a particular sound atmosphere, and through which applications?
The sound we hear and the emotions we feel are directly related, Innovathèque presents a selection of materials with acoustic characteristics, but not only that...

Speaker :

  • Justine Rouger, Design & Materials Consultant, Institut technologique FCBA