Workspace Expo : 16/17/18 avril 2019







10:30 to 11:15 - Salle Black

WORKSHOP A.R.T REALISATIONS - The involvement of human resources in a real estate project: their role, their added value. Methodology and experience sharing.

Real estate projects always have an impact on employees. Involving the Human Resources Departments upstream of the project and throughout its development promotes its smooth running. 
To win the support of the project's collaborators, it is necessary to organize change management adapted to the context.


  • Marion Désert, HR Project Manager, BPCE-IT
  • Jacques de Fontgalland, Architect dplg , A.R.T. Réalisations
  • Pauline Patria Rabeau, Development Manager, AO IM
  • Joël Marias, Founder and CEO, Marias Consulting



14:00 to 14:45 - Salle Black

WORKSHOP HAWORTH - Transforming space to foster creativity and accelerate innovation

Thanks to spaces and tools adapted to the creative rhythm of innovation, each employee can reach the top of his creativity and capacity for innovation. When we are free to create and innovate, great things come to life.


  • Marion TOISON, Workplace Strategist, Haworth
  • Samuel Bernier, Creative Leader , ONE POINT
  • Mickaël Desmoulins, Creative Labs Network Leader and Strategist , RENAULT





OFFICE & CULTURE plenary conferences 


11:30 to 12:30 - Salle Black

 Workplace Environment and Employee Experience

After maximizing customer satisfaction to ensure their loyalty, companies are now seeking to optimize the commitment and individual and collective efficiency of their employees. In designing a quality employee experience, the work environment is then a major component. An update on some recent experiences.

Dr Jan-Peter Kastelein is managing partner and environmental psychologist at YNNO, a Dutch consulting firm, and associate researcher at Nyenrode Business University. He advises private companies and public bodies and has worked for several years on the relationship between working environments and employee engagement, corporate culture, well-being and improving competitive efficiency.

Speaker :

  • Jan-Peter Kastelein, Managing Partner and Environmental Psychologist, YNNO



15:00 to 16:00 - Salle Black

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) empty the offices?

Will the development of artificial intelligence empty the offices? What types of jobs are vulnerable? How to increase the resilience of jobs? How to develop a more humane workplace in a context of coexistence of AI-assisted employees?

Manuel Zacklad, Professor and Director, CNAM, of the Dicen-IDF laboratory (Information and communication devices in the digital age in Ile-de-France), a long-time specialist in AI, studies the impacts of what some call the 3rd spring of AI on work and its places..



  • Manuel Zacklad, Professor and Director, CNAM, Dicen-IDF laboratory (Information and communication devices in the digital age in Ile-de-France), long-time specialist in AI



ARSEG plenary conferences


11:45 to 12:30 - Salle White 


o Presentation of the latest results Buzzy Ratios
o Round table : Beyond costs, which performance indicators for the work environment?
o Debate: how do we know if optimization does not destroy more value than the savings realized? impact on QWL and intangible elements of work... what new indicators?
o Promotion of ARSEG - HQE - GBC alliance projects (action levers and dimensions of the working environment)



  • Joel LAROUSSE, Director Development and Work Environment Operations, SNCF
  • Samuel BEGON, Director of Buildings and Infrastructure, SAFRAN
  • Olivier GICQUEL DES TOUCHES, Head of research and foresight unit, ARSEG




14:00 to 15:30 - Salle White


In collaboration with Workplace Magazine

o What is QWL? 
o What role for the DET? => enhancement of the ARSEG / OID study: comfort and well-being
o How to avoid the pitfalls of pinkwashing?



  • Gilbert BLAISE, President Director of the workplace environment, ARSEG / SNCF
  • Fabienne TORRENTI, Director of Workplace Environment and TED of the Year 2017, CARREFOUR FRANCE
  • Sophie DISTEL, Editor-in-Chief, WORKPLACE MAGAZINE










10:30 to 11:15 - Salle Black

WORKSHOP TETRIS - Digital at the service of workspace design: gadget or performance?

Digitalisation, a key factor in the major changes underway, is leading us to rethink the workspaces of tomorrow. But how far should we go to keep the human aspect at the heart of our concerns? How to find the balance between these new challenges of digital transformation and employee well-being?


  • Christian Reybaud, Development Director, Tétris
  • Edouard Dessirier, Development Director, Tétris
  • Marie Schneegans, CEO, Workwell
  • Fanny Leleu, Office Manager, Renault-Nissan



14:00 to 14:45 - Salle Black 

 WORKSHOP NOWY STYL - Digital Modularity  

Mac Stopa, winner of numerous international design awards (Red Dot, Best of Year, HiP, German Design Award, God Design and IF) comes to present its modularity concepts in the fields of furniture for Nowy Styl group, but also wall and floor finishes. 
He will illustrate his presentation with examples of modular design that combines the thinking and development of digital design in the era of architecture and interior design.

Speaker :

  • Mac STOPA, Architect and designer, founder of Massive Design in Poland



16:15 to 17:00 - Salle Black

WORKSHOP CONDECO SOFTWARE - How Design and Technology influence the way we work?

The world of work is changing, and it is now essential to make workspaces more flexible and adaptable. Discover how integrating new designs and technologies can transform your environment and revolutionize the way you work.


  • Axel Anrep, Business Developer, Condeco Software West & South Europe
  • Jean-Antoine Rodriguez, l'Espace




OFFICE & CULTURE plenary conference 

15:00 to 16:00 - Salle Black

Reinvent the workspace by looking for crevices!

Faced with the constraints of a standardized and regulated society to the extreme, the most fertile innovations sometimes take refuge in improbable interstices.To open the way to new ways of designing and occupying the work space, Sébastien Rocq invites us to explore emblematic examples of interstitial innovations.

Sébastien Rocq is an independent consultant. He divides his time between accompanying companies and exploring new forms of doing together in the artistic, scientific and economic fields. He teaches innovation at the University of Rouen and participates in research projects on innovation environments. 

Speaker :

  • Sébastien ROCQ, Independant Consultant 





ARSEG plenary conferences

09:30 to 11:00 - Salle White


o To focus on the techno aspects given the reduced time frame: what are the possible contributions of current trends (immersion and 3D, AI, platforms...)?
Integrate home automation and AI topics
o Adding notions of solidarity and human buildingThis will fall within the framework of the charter that ARSEG has signed (Voluntary commitment charter for the deployment of connected and communicating buildings in France)


Speakers :

  • René BRICAU, Director of Operations and Occupant Services, ORANGE REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT GROUP DIG USERS
  • Joris GIAI-CHECA, Business Development Manager, HOOMANO 



14:45 to 15:45 - Salle White


o Issues, impacts, constraints and limits of fluid and mobile work with graphic feedback of projects carried out or in progress by ARSEG members
Presentation of the new ARSEG study 
Returns AVIVA (Thomas Bauer, director of the transfo) and TOTAL (vote of the employees for the future HQ)?

Speakers :

  • Olivier GICQUEL DES TOUCHES, Head of research and foresight unit, ARSEG
  • Audrey GASQ, Head of the Tertiary Sites Management Unit, RATP
  • Lhocine ALIOUANE, Project owner and project development manager real estate and services management, AIR FRANCE
  • Grégoire THAIS, Project Manager, Studies and Foresight Department, ARSEG



Actineo plenary conference

11:30 to 12:30 - Salle Black

"Restaumorphing": what will become of company restaurants?

After canteens, selfs and restaurants, what are the new company restaurant concepts? Based on reflections and work carried out with designers, architects and catering specialists, an analysis of uses, activities and lifestyles in office buildings, French Furniture will unveil innovative concepts illustrated with hybrid spaces, offering catering spaces a different life outside meal hours!


  • Bruno LEFEBVRE, Designer, Lefebvre Productions
  • Sarah JAFARSHAD-RAJAEI, Director Bleu Vert Concepts, architecture et ingénierie en restauration,
  • Philippe JARNIAT, Contract Manager l'Ameublement français,


in interiors plenary conference 

09:30 to 10:15 - Salle Black

The community building - When the collaborative arrives in our interiors...

In the dynamics of in interiors, it is a question of updating the collaborative fever in three dimensions: coworking, coliving and comeeting. Three pillars that revisit the building's codes.

Facilitator :

  • Sandra Roumi, Editor-in-Chief, In Interiors

Speakers :

  • Céline Leonardi, Director Wellio, Foncière des régions
  • Xavier Ginoux, President-founder, OpenMindKafé








10:30 to 11:15 - Salle Black

WORKSHOP IDEAL PLACE TO WORK - When the layout of workspaces reveals the DNA of companies !

The interior design agency Ideal Place to Work, convinced of the link between work environment, well-being and productivity, is launching its fulfilling workspace agency.


For a long time considered as an obligatory passage, the layout and decoration of work spaces (company premises, shops, public spaces...) finally finds its real value with decision-makers until it becomes a strategic axis of development.
Many studies correlate the power of colours on emotions, the comfort of furniture on health and the layout of space on collective intelligence.


The concept: create an accessible workspace that reveals the company's DNA.
Identify the culture, understand its business and those who support it on a daily basis, identify internal operating methods to structure and decorate the space in the image of its occupants.
Like an individual, a company to be recognized and successful must have its own identity, its DNA recognizable by all: employees and customers.


The layout of a work space, its decoration, the layout of different surfaces (reception, offices, open space, meeting rooms, cafeteria...) must reflect the way its occupants work, the values of the company and the identity of the brand.
The furniture, the colours, the signage along the premises are all clues to the state of mind of decision-makers and the messages they wish to convey to their employees and customers.


Think of development as a real opportunity to highlight its assets, its differentiation in relation to the market.


Like a shop window, the decoration must be designed in such a way as to optimise the link between its identity and the well-being of its employees to boost their motivation and therefore their efficiency.
Playing on a theme that embodies its DNA and that will be declined in the premises, using for example sensory design to make the space even more attractive, playing on the harmony of colors that best matches the energy of the company... everything is a pretext for creativity to best serve the human and business challenges of the company!


The founder of the agency Nathalie Georges offers a subtle combination between her experience as business manager of an HR firm, business coach and her training as a decorator / space designer in the service of collaborative work in companies.


Speaker :

  • Nathalie GEORGES, Founder - Interior Designer, IDEAL PLACE TO WORK





OFFICE & CULTURE plenary conference

11:30 to 12:30 - Salle Black

How and why to measure your working time

Working time is becoming less and less measurable. It is marked by two uncertainties. On the one hand, the presence in the premises is no longer used as a criterion for evaluating the time spent at work; between legal time and real time, a gap is widening which makes it difficult to make any estimate actually devoted to professional activities. On the other hand, the uncertainty in the definition of tasks leaves considerable room for manoeuvre which makes it difficult to set time limits.

Thierry Pillon is Professor of Sociology at the University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. His research work is devoted to the sociology of work.


Speaker :

  • Thierry Pillon, Professor of Sociology at the University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne,





ARSEG plenary conferences

11:00 to 12:30 - Salle White



o Telework, mobility, collaboration... What new equipment?
o Community, corporate social network, sharing... What new services?
o Sense, autonomy, happiness... What new values?

Speakers :

  • Manuel MARTINS, Deputy Director Workplace Environment, DANONE FRANCE
  • Corinne COLSON-LAFON, Vice-Chairwoman, SYPEMI
  • Alain D'IRIBARNE, Sociologist and Chairman of the Scientific Committee, ACTINEO
  • Flore PRADERE, Head of Corporate Research, JLL TETRIS




15:45 to 16:45 - Salle White


o Security/security, QWL, mobility, energy renovation, data protection...
o What's in the boxes for the next two to three years?

Speakers :

  • Olivier GICQUEL DES TOUCHES, Head of research and foresight unit, ARSEG
  • Luc MONTEIL, Real Estate Director at Bolloré Transports & Logistics and Chairman at CIBI - Conseil International, Biodiversité et Immobilier,
  • Virginie DEVOS, Lawyer Partner Specialist in labour law, social security and social protection law, Cabinet August Debouzy





ACTINEo plenary conference

14/30 to 15:30 - Salle Black

Actineo/Sociovision office quality of life barometer

What do employees really think about the flex office? Who are the main users of the third places? Is telework increasing? What proportion of employees stay'connected' outside the office and outside working hours? What link between well-being and freedom to choose one's time and place of work? Discover all the results of the 7th edition of the Actineo Office Quality of Life Observatory Barometer, conducted with the Sociovision Institute.


  • Odile DUCHENNE, Director General, ACTINEO
  • Alain D'IRIBARNE, President of the Scientific Council, ACTINEO